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Small Scale Portable Water Purification & Packaging

The General model L4 water packaging machine working with a water purification unit will produce approximately 800 1-liter bags per hour.

Both can be mounted on casters for easy transportation in the back of a pickup truck. Alternately, they can be mounted in an ISO container as seen in the following photos.

Water can be sourced from a lake, pond, creek, river, or unsafe tap water. The system can be set up to purify brackish or salt water with a portable reverse osmosis purification system.

Bags are made using continuous roll stock. One roll of film 13" / 330 mm wide X 12" / 305 mm in diameter will yield over 3,000 bags. A 40" / 1 m X 48"// 1.2 m X 48" / 1.2 m tall pallet holds film for about 74,000 packages. The cost of the packaging material is in the range of $0.05 US per package.

L4 Water Packaging Machine

Front L4

Back L4

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